Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm back. And I'll actually be writing a blog this time.

Thank you, L, for suggesting this to me, inadvertently and then blatantly. My first post, I guess, is going to be about why I'm starting to blog again, for real this time.
I've been stuck for too long. I love to write, but lately, I have had no inspiration and no motivation (that produces any real result). I've been upset and angry a lot lately, and I have no release. I'm stuck. I am filled to the brim with unexplored or ignored emotions. I don't want to be.
So, I've decided that I won't be. Thank you L. I'm going to write a blog, one that I will keep up with this time. This blog is for me, to pour myself into. I will be telling my life story, in a way, starting now. No prequel, no disclaimer. My story, on here, starts now. (Welcome.)
Here I go.
(Thank you again L. I will forever be grateful for this.)

~ Stuck

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