Sunday, January 27, 2013

Page 7: Strikes and Spares

So, it has been forever since I've blogged and a lot has gone on.
My family is a family of bowlers, kind of. My grandma on both my mom and dad's side were bowlers, my aunt is a bowler, and my parents bowl. So, my sister and I were forced into bowling about two years ago. I used to be absolutely horrible.
But lately, I've been getting a lot better.
In the past three weeks, I've been in 2 tournaments. I also have one today. My first tournament of the year (three weeks ago) my team placed first.
Two weeks ago I bowled in a doubles tournament with my little sister and we placed fifth. I wasn't happy with it, but my sister was having an off day. We missed fourth place by only ONE pin and first place by 31 pins.
Today, I'm bowling in a singles tournament.
Besides bowling in tournaments, I also bowl on a league on saturday mornings. I did the league last year, but I hated my team.
This year my team is a lot better. There is one other girl, and three guys. One of them goes to my school even.
The other girl and the guy that goes to my school have a bunch of friends that bowl in the league. Their friends don't really like me because I take the two from my team 'away form them.' I don't care though, I like my team and that's all I need to get though Saturday morning.
The other two guys on my team don't really talk to other people on the league. One of them has a little sister who bowls on my sister's team.
I used to hate bowling because I was really bad at it, but now, I'm actually not terrible. I was even accepted into a fancy tournament thing in a few months. (Some you enter, some you need to be accepted into) My high is a 189 and my average has gone up about 15 pins since the beginning of my league this year (September I think it started).
This is me with a lot of things actually. I hate something if I can't do it.
But, I'm kind of glad I was forced to continue. I mean I was horrible in the beginning, but now, I dominate when I go bowling with my friends and I can at least hold my own when I'm bowling on my league, in tournaments, or just with other bowlers.
(I found both of the following quotes necessary for this post. There aren't many good bowling quotes.)
"Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your head." - Martin Mull
"Well, my hand never fell off, and within no time, I was bowling competitively in leagues and tournaments." - Joe Tex

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Page 6: Surprise Party!!

So yesterday was a surprise party for a close family friend of my family's . We had the party at my mom and papa's catering hall (not my dad, my papa {two different people}), where I normally work. It was a lot of fun actually. The guy was very surprised and he had a great time. Everyone did. Of course, it wasn't my favorite since I didn't know practically anyone, but I had fun with my mom, and I was helping even though to this particular party I was invited. Yesterday I wrote how I had to go to work. Well, that was a decoy so we could get the birthday guy to get to the place. He was going to drive me there on his way to the bar or something with my dad since his wife also works for my mom. The only problem was he refused to drive his wife to work. (The family has like 4 cars, one for everyone) So I had to stall him for twenty minutes until everything was set up and we could leave. I had to put my game face on. And I am an actress, so I thought "I can keep a straight face for twenty minutes." Those twenty minutes were torture! I had no script so I improved twenty minutes of excuses. And normally, that's fine I can do that from here to tomorrow. But for some reason it was so hard to accomplish. It took everything I had not to laugh. I did get through it though and the guy was surprised and it was great, but i couldn't believe how hard it was for me to stall him for twenty minutes!
"The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy." - Karl Von Clausewitz

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Page 5: I love Johnny Depp but i beg to differ

A quick post before I head off to work. I love Johnny Depp! Honestly, he is incredible!!!! And I would never argue or disagree with him (unless it was scripted as in I was in a film with Johnny Depp {one of my many life goals}) except on one topic. He said something very wise once and I agreed with it for a while, hoping it would be true in my case, but, alas, it wasn't true. Maybe, in some cases it is, but not in every case. Johnny Depp once said: "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."
For a while I tried to agree with him, but, at least in my case, I can't agree.
In my last post, I talked about two guys. The second one, the one from Florida, is the one reason why I disagree with Johnny Depp. Yesterday was said guy's birthday. So, I wished him a happy birthday and we talked for about a half hour. And it was literally magical. (Wow I'm corny.)
So, although there have been quite a few guys (well like maybe 10 tops {probably not even that much}) I have liked since I like the Florida guy, I never stopped liking the Florida guy/if I liked someone else, when I was over it I started liking Florida boy again. SO although Johnny Depp is amazing, I must disagree with his statement about love. This is because I am in love with guy who lives in Florida.
And I just announced that on the internet. Wow.
Okay, so that wraps up my post because I have to leave for work (my ride is here).
So, for lack of time I will just use the quote I stated above:
"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."- Johnny Depp

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Page 4: My boyfriend and my crush(es)

I said I was going to be completely honest on this blog, as it is kind of like my diary, so I am going to be completely honest on this topic. I have a boyfriend, yet I have like two crushes. Well, I have more than two, but all of the other ones are either fictional or famous so it doesn't count. I am a fangirl, I have to admit. But I am not a slut as it may seem form what I just said. Trust me, I am far from a slut!
So, I've been dating this guy for a few weeks. And he's technically my first boyfriend. That is a whole other story that I'm sure I'll blog about later. Anyway, so even though I have a boyfriend, there are these two guys that are practically perfect. Well, kind of. The first one would be an amazing boyfriend, but he isn't as perfect as the second (and much longer) one. One is my 'summer best friend's' twin brother. I put quotes around 'summer best friend' because technically we are supposed to be but I'm really just not friends with her like that anymore. I mean I always would rather hang out with her twin brother, not just because he would be an amazing boyfriend, but because we just I guess bond more/have more things in common or something. So he's one of my crushes. The other crush is my actual future husband. Like I said that is a whole other story that I'll probably end up blogging about later.
But this past sunday I hung out with the first guy (summer kid). I hadn't seen him in maybe a few months and it was absolutely incredible to see him. I hadn't see him since September and I hadn't really thought about him too much either. I tried not to because then I would get all lovesick -not like how I get with the other guy but still kind of bad. But seeing him Sunday brought a flood of memories and I just really missed him. Honestly he would be an amazing boyfriend. AND if things work out how they seem to be (life is going in the direction) I can see going out with him over the summer.
Then, there is guy number two. He is practically perfect and I've been in love with him for a while. Literally, we ARE going to end up together. The only problem is, he lives in Florida. So, we kind of have to wait. But whenever I see him, it is literally pure magic though, I'm not even lying.
But as of right now I still have a boyfriend. And I really liked it at first. But he "has the emotional range of a teaspoon!
And I was out sick four out of the five days of school this week. Do you know what he did?
The third day I was out at 6 freakin' 40 in the morning he snapchats me an ugly pic saying 'feeling any better?' I sent him a text that night saying 'got your snapchat and no I'm not'. He never even answered.
And the fact that I guy who lives over 1,000 miles away from me can make me blush and know just what to say and treat me like gold all in about a half hour can, well, do all that, what does that say? Honestly, we kind of have this mutual agreement to wait until we are older but the next time I see him I literally want to just practically pounce on him. NOT like sexually or whatever, but I've waited years to kiss him and I think the next time I see him, I'm just going to do it.
That is, I will if I'm not still with my boyfriend. But, we will see what happens.
Until then, I will just have to dream of either my boyfriend getting 'better', or us breaking up and me getting together with my 'summer' guy or my future husband. Now, my love life can go in many directions, and I'm not sure which directions, but I see the end result. I will marry my Florida boy. Until then...
"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives." - C.S. Lewis

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Page 3: Screw the Haters

So it's day 2 being sick and out of school. Still in bed. I've already read through half of my book, One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt. This girl Eliza has a notebook that she writes down everything she is afraid of doing. Well, these guys find it and are blackmailing her into doing all of the things she is afraid of. Eliza has two best friends, Marissa and Clarice. So far, I really don't like them that much. Eliza is having a crisis and all they care about are guys. Marissa is like a "booty-call" and Clairce is a "tease". They don't even really care that much about Eliza's problem, which is a lot worse than either of theirs.
I feel a little like Eliza right now, just a little. I'm not having a crisis and being blackmailed, I'm home sick, in bed. This is day 2 being home and not one of my best friends (or other friends) called, texted, facebooked, or tweeted me to see how I was doing. Not one. I understand by best friend from sleep-away camp doesn't know I'm sick so I won't be angry at her, but what about my school best friends (or other friends). More importantly, what about my boyfriend? Shouldn't he care, at least a little? Nope, he didn't bother. And neither did any of my close friends. But you know what, two people did see how I was doing. One yesterday and one today.
Yesterday, I got a snapchat from one of my best friend's boyfriend. He wrote 'missed ya today :)'
(Coincidentally he is my boyfriend's best friend too)
Then, today, a girl that I'm friends with but not super close with texted me about how she missed me in school, and hopes i'm feeling better and stuff.
Of all people, I was shocked they tried to get in touch with me. But at least they did, because my boyfriend or any of my other friends didn't. Normally I wouldn't care too much, but it's been TWO DAYS and practically nobody cared. I hate people like that. They are buddy-buddy with you when it is convenient for them only. So you know what, screw them!
And what makes it worse, my boyfriend tweeted yesterday that he was "actually happy". Maybe I'm paranoid but seriously! You can tweet that and have like 30-tweet long conversations with people, but you can't take five seconds out and text me or tweet me something? I hate that I sound like the girlfriend that nobody wants because she acts like this, but it just pisses me off!
So screw the haters. Screw everyone.
"Some people will hate you even if you're the nicest and sweetest person to them. That's the way life is." - Unknown

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Page 2: Tumblr and other things I shield my sister from

My sister just came into my parents' room and asked me what tumblr is. I wasn't sure how to answer so I just shrugged. Then she pressed more about by asking if it was like posting pictures as stuff. Again, I just kind of shrugged and nodded. "So like instagram?" "Yea, sure, like instagram." So she thanked me and left the room. Tumblr is nothing like instagram in my opinion but I wasn't about to tell her that. II shield my sister from things, it's just what I do.
I try and shield her from things on tv, on the computer and in life.  I know she is growing up but she's my little sister. My sister and I were brought up shielded, I guess. We don't curse, don't watch inappropriate things, blah blah blah. But just because our parents brought US up like that, doesn't mean  the rest of the world was brought up that way. Everyone around us curses, tv is more inappropriate than i don't even know what, and school doesn't help. My 'baby' sister is growing up, but I don't really want her to. I don't want her to watch Pretty Little Liars, I don't want her on tumblr, I don't want her to grow up. I mean I grew up, but I am also a kid. My sister is so different than me though, so maybe when she grows up, she won't also be a kid. I just want my little sister to stay little. I don't want her to deal with grown up garbage that I was forced into when I was little. But, she acts gown up and acts like she can take it. She doesn't know what she would be getting into, and I don't want her to have to deal anything that her big sister can do and take care of for her. Of course she is going to have to deal with some things on her own, like mean girls and stuff, but things family-wise and stuff, I want to deal with so she doesn't have to.
I shield my sister. I protect her. She is MY little sister.
About six or seven years ago I read the MAGIC IN MANHATTAN series (Sarah Mlynowski) I loved the sisterly relationship the two main characters had. Rachel and Miri were great characters. Miri, the younger sister, got her powers and we see how Rachel reacts. From there, the rest is history.
The younger-older sister dynamic is great.
I know I have to partially let go but she is still my little sister. And I love her. I just hope she is growing up, but will still always be my little sister. And I hope she doesn't grow up too fast.
"Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship." ~Margaret Mead

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Page 1: My first post

So, I've been sic in bed all day. Sucks to suck. ( I have no idea where that came from but not everyone says. Sucks to suck - I've picked up the habit.) But there was some good that came out of it, I finished my book!!! I am  addicted to reading, but since I go in to this 'super-tough smart school' I don't have  a lot of time to read anymore. One of my resolutions in the new year was to read more! And I did it. I already finished my first book. It was 310 pages, 310  wonderful pages. Tangled by Carolyn Mackler was about four different people whose lives intertwine in just four months. It actually was amazing! It reminded me why I love to read so much and made me finally make this blog. Another resolution I made for the year was to keep a diary (and then publish it in 2014) and a jar full of good things that happen, once a day I would write something good and put it in the jar..... I'm rambling. Anyway, I couldn't keep a diary and there wasn't a lot of good things going on so there went the jar idea. I couldn't keep writing "I'm alive." So instead of all that I have this blog.
SO, I'm a few days late in the year. I'm sure I'll post more than once a day sometimes. On this blog I will be completely honest. I won't use names (besides the names of books and their authors) but I will be 100% accurate on this blog. Hopefully I'll post at least once a day. I don't care if anyone reads this but I would appreciate comments if you do :)
So, I'm done with my first post. I'll be posting again later because I have things gnawing at my brain that I need to get out and well I just can't keep diaries. I've tried, really.
Until then, remember to read. I'll finish this post (just like the rest) with a quote:
"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin

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