Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Page 3: Screw the Haters

So it's day 2 being sick and out of school. Still in bed. I've already read through half of my book, One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt. This girl Eliza has a notebook that she writes down everything she is afraid of doing. Well, these guys find it and are blackmailing her into doing all of the things she is afraid of. Eliza has two best friends, Marissa and Clarice. So far, I really don't like them that much. Eliza is having a crisis and all they care about are guys. Marissa is like a "booty-call" and Clairce is a "tease". They don't even really care that much about Eliza's problem, which is a lot worse than either of theirs.
I feel a little like Eliza right now, just a little. I'm not having a crisis and being blackmailed, I'm home sick, in bed. This is day 2 being home and not one of my best friends (or other friends) called, texted, facebooked, or tweeted me to see how I was doing. Not one. I understand by best friend from sleep-away camp doesn't know I'm sick so I won't be angry at her, but what about my school best friends (or other friends). More importantly, what about my boyfriend? Shouldn't he care, at least a little? Nope, he didn't bother. And neither did any of my close friends. But you know what, two people did see how I was doing. One yesterday and one today.
Yesterday, I got a snapchat from one of my best friend's boyfriend. He wrote 'missed ya today :)'
(Coincidentally he is my boyfriend's best friend too)
Then, today, a girl that I'm friends with but not super close with texted me about how she missed me in school, and hopes i'm feeling better and stuff.
Of all people, I was shocked they tried to get in touch with me. But at least they did, because my boyfriend or any of my other friends didn't. Normally I wouldn't care too much, but it's been TWO DAYS and practically nobody cared. I hate people like that. They are buddy-buddy with you when it is convenient for them only. So you know what, screw them!
And what makes it worse, my boyfriend tweeted yesterday that he was "actually happy". Maybe I'm paranoid but seriously! You can tweet that and have like 30-tweet long conversations with people, but you can't take five seconds out and text me or tweet me something? I hate that I sound like the girlfriend that nobody wants because she acts like this, but it just pisses me off!
So screw the haters. Screw everyone.
"Some people will hate you even if you're the nicest and sweetest person to them. That's the way life is." - Unknown

Keep Calm and Read On,
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