Monday, April 18, 2016


So the past 3 posts were just recaps of events. Since I am so close to finals and the end of the semester, I am pretty slammed with work. i will try my best for this not to happen anymore, but no promises. I also am behind on a few days, but I was home this weekend. Everything is coming as soon as I can make it happen.

~ Future Stage Manager/Writer, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town (and Finals)

Pancake Party

Jeopardy - becoming a usual thing
Helios stopped by
Shakira was here - explained religion and watched a ton of vines
Princess came at around 11:30
We lost can collection :( - came in second/third (whole 3rd floor beat us, though floors were supposed to be slit in half)
Shakira lost UNO - Helios and The Farmer quit - Double Shalom won
Free pancakes and ice cream
Shakira's roommate broke the light in their room again
Double Shalom drew a candle
There was some singing
Princess danced and I missed it :(

I went to see HPC put on the show Godspell
I miss singing :(

Dinner and Papers

Everybody wen to dinner sans Shakira (he doesn't like fish) I also don't like fish, so I had pizza
I got a table for everyone and then after waiting for what seems like forever I saw everyone at another table (thanks guys :/)
Weird conversations at dinner - a bit perverted - snaps to Australia - chocolate chip cookies from dining hall were "discovered' by some of the people
Jeopardy - becoming a normal thing
Lot of papers
Was supposed to watch movie - didn't happen
Loudmouth fell asleep on the floor - still is
NOWL - Double Shalom, The Beast, and Mojo - grilled cheese bar, Double Shalom was acting drunk unintentionally , no ice cream for The Beast bc person The Jet glued to computer, me working my butt off on work
The Beast caught up on tv (Bates Motel)
A moment of future reality appeared in common room - Loudmouth asleep on floor, Mojo in man pajama on phone texting, Double Shalom on computer half-assing work with double chin, The Beast with hair towel in corner on tablet, The Jet glued to computer probably watching Anime
We did homework??? - that should be noted
Tan Line!!!! - your friend is really pretty - Princess was almost flashed by Double Shalom's friend via FaceTime

I only snore in weird positions. No, you snore every night - The Jet on Loudmouth
"Gladys" - Coach (New Girl) Repeated by Double Shalom and me
"Answer Bitch" - Double Shalom when her friend didn't pick up when she called for her birthday

"I was worried about my essay for a good month, and the night before it's due I don't even care." - Double Shalom

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday to The Beast
NOWL went on for like 20 years and we waited to have cake - trap a man
Talked about TWD a lot
Everyone was here (including Girl from the floor who will now be called Ashes)
Princess disappeared
The Farmer and Helios left when I got in the shower
Shakira helped Double Shalom study for Hebrew
Shakira was almost arrested, but he didn't do anything wrong (he just happened to be on property he wasn't supposed to be on)
Double Shalom (with help from Princess and The Jet) made a cake
The plague begins, but I'm all done so I don't have to worry

What's a 3-word word for-
Frito, Dorito, Cheeto, - why does your name rhyme with junk food?
Both from Double Shalom

Monday, April 11, 2016

All Together

Today, a weird occurrence happened. We were all home, during the day, at the same time. And we were all sitting in the common room. We were watching the news for a while before we all split up, going to class and whatnot.
The most exciting part of the morning was getting Loudmouth to do what she needed, kind of. It is just before 10:00 in the morning the we got a very firm, loud knock on the door. I thought it was the woman who comes to clean the bathrooms, since she comes on Mondays. As the lock continues, The Beast (who was sleeping on the couch) wakes up and  Double Shalom leaps up and almost tears the wall out trying to unplug the hot water and toaster (2 things we aren't allowed to have). Seeing her the way she was, when I got to the door, I didn't open it. The Beast helped her and she took everything into the bathroom with her and turned the shower on. When I opened the door, I saw it was the RD and was suddenly so thankful that Double Shalom recognized the knock.
So the RD was looking for Loudmouth, who happened to be asleep, no surprise.
"Could you just wake her and ask her to come by my office for a few minutes."
After the RD left, The Beast, Double Shalom, and I freaked out for a moment and then went to war up Loudmouth. We woke up The Jet in the process and told them the story of how Double Shalom tore a hole in the wall.
The real exciting part wasn't the surprise visit from the RD, but successfully convincing Loudmouth to actually go to meet the RD, which she was dead set against. Of course, she didn't go to class after that, but it was a start.
It was a pretty quiet night. We watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Dancing with the Stars (Disney Night). There group rotated. Princess stopped by for a second. The Farmer and Helios came by at 10 to watch Better Call Saul, but Helios disappeared before the episode ended. I was doing a ton of laundry, so I was in and out a lot that night trying to navigate the jungle that is the laundry room. I also disappeared for an hour to watch Bates Motel at 9.
Our RA and another girl from another room on the floor came by for a while too. The RA left a little before 11 and Helios came back a little after 11.
There was nothing very exciting about tonight. Mojo and Loudmouth had a paper to write for their Russian Lit class and Double Shalom was working on her draft for another class.
There was a lot of Tangled singing, just Mother Knows Best and the reprise.
We talked about how "global warming" might affect Princess and his "Australia". Australia is a girl that is in my creative writing class and Princess' astronomy class. She is super hooked on him and we think he is hooked on her, but he won't ask her out or anything.
The tv was the center of the room tonight. Nothing special happened, but that is us. College, for us anyway, isn't one raging party or all-nighter after another. We do have normal days. This one happened to be another one of those.

~ Future Stage Manager/Author, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town

"Does anybody have a plastic itchy boob? KNIFE." - Double Shalom
"Nope, fresh out of that, man." - The Beast

" Watch out. I don't want to hit you in the crotch potato." - Double Shalom (also to The Beast)

"You made me write Besat, not The Beast!" - Me on Double Shalom trying to see what I was typing

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Truffle Time

Tangled was playing when I came back from the theatre conference. I had to go meet with someone for class though, so I wasn't able to watch more than when Flynn and Rappel survive after almost drowning. My favorite part about that was the fact that it was Shakira's copy. He wasn't around too much today though,  at least when I was around. He may have gone with the crew when they went to Chipotle, but, like I said, I wasn't around to know.
When I got back the MTV Movie Awards were on. Ryan Reynolds won for best comedic performance and Amy Poehler won for best virtual performance. Kevin Hart and The Rock did some really weird, unnecessary rap that was way to focused on Leo's dealings with the bear in The Revenant. After that, we put another movie on. What else do we do?
The main event of tonight was Oreo truffle making. I bought the ingredients when I went to Wal-Mart this past Tuesday and finally got around to making them at 9:00 Sunday night. In my defense, the theatre conference this weekend took up so much of my time and I still needed to do homework too (which I still need to finish :/). I had my own little team of sous chefs. Loudmouth took her anger out from her phone game on crushing the Oreos. Double Shalom helped melt the chocolate and Princess helped with basically everything. During our little baking session we were watching John Tucker Must Die. It was the first time I had ever seen the movie the whole way through. When I was little, I wasn't allowed. And then I never got around to it.
So I put the truffles in the freezer at 10:07 and just about ever other minute after that Double Shalom, and to a lesser extent Princess, kept asking if they were ready or if we could take them out early. We ended up taking them out after only about 40 minutes, but they were still pretty good in everybody's opinion.
The conversations ranged as usual. We talked about vitamins (since I'm on a health kick) and what the next treat we are going to make is... in reverse order. It was a pretty quiet, chill night. Nothing too crazy. Of course, when I decide to start blogging about everyone, they have the quietest weekend in a long time.
I think I blame Helios for my doing this, so he better give me some good material soon. I didn't even see him today. To be clear, he didn't tell me to blog. He chose a movie for movie night. The movie happened to be Julie and Julia. If you haven't seen it, go with it. Long story short, Julie wants to be a writer and was supposed to be before life got in the way. So she starts blogging, becomes super successful, and finally becomes a writer like she wanted to/was supposed to be. Not that I expect to become super successful with this blog, even though I would totally love to, but it got my gears turning again. So here I am.
Note: I mean it when I say freezing college town. It is April and snowing outside.

~ Future Stage Manager/Author, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town

After leaving for the night, on one of his roommates:
"______'s gonna be in the bathroom for about 3 hours. Can I use yours?" - Princess

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday is Lazy Day

Today I left my room at 9:30 in the morning. My suite was quieter than a mouse. Then all got up between 11:30 (The Beast) and 1:00 (Double Shalom) (and probably later). I did not return to my room until 9:00 at night. I had things to do all day. I like to keep busy and expand my sphere (I'm not sure how else to describe it).
I live with some really lazy people. I used to say they were the laziest people ever, but then I realized they are just college students who would rather sleep late, watch Netflix, and not do homework or even go to class. Honestly though, there are a lot of other kids on this campus and on campuses world-wide I'm sure that have similar students.
I am not like the rest of my suite. I have a limited amount of time to do things and every second I have is precious. I make sure I use every moment I can to get a step closer to what I want in life. This is why people think I have my life together. I don't, but it looks like I do, especially compared to those I surround myself this.
It is interesting that I say that because at the theatre conference Day 2 that I was at today, one of the speakers harped on the idea that you should surround yourself with creative people and people with drive. Having those people around you push you further. While I'm sure that is true, I don't have the luxury of surrounding myself with these people as often as I would like. Whenever I go to the Fine Arts building I do surround myself with these people, but I don't get to when I head back to my suite for the day. However, surrounding myself with this type of people give me a different kind of motivation, creativity and drive, to keep doing what I'm doing as much as I possible can. This is because, as horrible as it sounds, I can be even better than them and even more put together than them. So, this is something I strive for. I do my homework, I go to events on campus, I work hard for everything and anything I want. And I will continue to do this until I have achieved what I want. Then, I will find more things to strive for. I will never be content. I will always be hungry for more.
That being said, breaks are nice too. The theatre conference had me in the Fine Arts building from 9:45 in the morning until 8:30 at night. So, when I got back to my suite, it was nice to relax. I was welcomed by the common room full of the girls on their phones, not even with the tv on. When Helios came by, the two of us went to NOWL before the movie started. Eventually, we got around to the movie. Shakira, Helios, and Princess joined us. The Farmer stopped by temporarily, but did not stay for the movie. Then again, neither did Loudmouth, The Jet, or the Beast.
Right after the movie, Helios and Princess left and I wrote this before crashing. I have another early morning tomorrow. On top of all of the theatre workshops and lectures and the like, i still have to do all of my homework and sort out my schedule. I need to find time to write EVERY SINGLE DAY. Preferably, I would like to write a free-write, a piece of a screenplay/play/novel I'm working one, and then this. We'll see how that goes. My busy schedule is going to be interesting to work around. But I need to get serious. If I don't exercise these muscles every day, then I will lose them. And I would be nothing without my abilities to write. Even though I also want to work in the theatre, writing is the one thing I have always had and always want to have. So, I need to get serious. I also need to start looking into more writing and theatre opportunities for me for the future. I learned about some great stuff today and I will definitely find more soon. Until then, I will be in a constant state of searching. I also will be in a constant state of research. There were far too many names dropped that I didn't know. So, I'm going to start my work now. Tomorrow (well, technically today) is the beginning of the next new me. I am on my way and I can't wait to see what happens.

~ Future Stage Manager/Author, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town

"Somebody say something funny." Me
"Buttface." Loudmouth
"Facebutt." Double Shalom
(It is hard to pull comedy out of them when they are too tired.) (I also want to point out this started a conversation about poop that went way too in-depth than it really needed to. I went to sleep though, so I didn't care much.)

Because Loudmouth at this point didn't hear about the Brussels attack:
"We have the news on 24/7." Me
"I'm not awake by then." Loudmouth

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Night is Normally Movie Night

So I had a theatre thing tonight (what else is new), but that ended at around 7:30. While I was out the girls and Shakira went to Wal-Mart (thanks for the invite :/). They locked me out of the suite and I know they didn't mean it but my half-hour of relaxation before the conference turned into 10 minutes. I still got to drop my stuff off, which was good.
I came back and while I was talking to my grandma, it apparently was time for another episode of "Hair Care" in the suite. This time Mojo was getting her hair dyed. I just pray it goes better than the time they thought it was okay that Loudmouth cut Helios' hair. It got so bad so fast that he ended up just completely shaving his head like a week before the semester ended. It was ridiculous. Of course, even though I was sleeping during this event, I was the one to clean up the emotional mess (with help of Double Shalom). That is a story for another day.
So, when the hair dyeing is done we are going to watch Deadpool. I can't wait. Until then, Princess, Double Shalom and I are watching House of Cards (they are both trying to get me hooked). We'll see how it goes, but I already like it after watching just the opening scene pre-credits.

UPDATE: We did not watch Deadpool. House of Cards ended late and then Princess, Double Shalom, and The Beast went to what we call NOWL, or Night Owl, which is late night dining hall stuff. I was feeling kind of crappy and Helios wouldn't be able to come anyway, so we are postponing the movie for a day.
Instead, we just chatted. First, they argued about what movie to watch instead. Nobody came up with an answer, so the TV has been off for a while. Our conversations started with earwax (I couldn't tell you why except Double Shalom said Loudmouth's honey looked kind of like it). Then The Farmer came by. He was asked to read a movie bio because he reads them in a very funny way, but that didn't happen. Then we moved onto Korea briefly (Loudmouth's shirt was from Korea and only cost a dollar!). Everybody talked about their days. At this point, Mojo was halfway done with blowdrying her hair. It literally took her 10 years to do her hair. Then The Beast threw Oreos at all of us so she didn't have to get up and pass us the container. Is that the right word, container? Is it box? Plastic? This was another conversation that we had than never really came to a conclusion. We talked about Pi and other memorized numbers. At some point there was singing of "YMCA". We talked about the pop culture Glenn's of the world (think Mean Girls and Family Guy). We conversation hop a lot.
So, real exciting stuff, right?
Soon after the singing, I noticed it was 11:00. If I wasn't sick, it wouldn't have been so late for me, but I also had to get up at 8:00 in the morning, so I went to sleep.
Depending on the day, our conversations can be really deep or really meaningless. Today happened to be the latter. Didn't give me much to blog about, but I'm exhausted anyway, so I can finish up and sleep.

~ Future ASM/Author, Current Survivor of A Freezing College Town

"What's your social security number?" Double Shalom
"I think there's a 2 in it." The Farmer

Thursday, April 7, 2016

College's Favorite Freshman

I need something to write about. I'm in a rut, what else is new. I know nobody reads this, but whenever I do actually write a post, it helps me. I need to write, even something like this blog about nothing, just to remind myself that I am writer. Or I was and want to be. I don't know what I would do if I didn't write. It is the one thing I always had.
So, I'll keep giving this thing a go until it works.
So, let's talk about the people I surround myself with now. I have what I call "Suite and Co.", though I never actually use that name. I have my suite, 6 interesting ladies, and 4 guys from across the hall.
I have my roommate, Princess Jew (not to confuse her with me, Disney Princess Jew). The rest of the girls in the suite are Señorita TV (the sophomore transfer), Rice Queen and Miss Anime (roommates), Lady Fury. Then we have the boys. There is Pretty (Smart) Boy, Mr. Hotshot, Master Hips, and Teddy Bear.
DISCLAIMER: Most of these nicknames suck, but I don't want to use their actual names, so, this is what I will use when documenting our story.
DISCLAIMER: I asked the suite to give each other nicknames. This is what came of it. Princess Jew is Double Shalom, Señorita TV is Nickel, Rice Queen is Loudmouth, Miss Anime is The Jet, Lady Fury is Mojo, Pretty (Smart) Boy is Princess, Mr. Hotshot is Helios, Master Hips is Shakira, and Teddy Bear is The Farmer. Apparently, I'm Bagel. So I will use either of the nicknames to document our story. Because I think I am the only one reading this, it won't be a problem for me.
So, this is my crew. We do movie night all the time. We get dinner a lot. We celebrate stuff like birthdays. When I'm working on my shows, the guys are there more than I am. They basically live in my suite. The ten of us are always in the common room doing one thing or another. I think I shall write about them. Maybe not every day, but at least once a week.
We may not be the most exciting people, but we are very interesting. Some spend far too much on Netflix while others live in their books. But our relationships to each other and the conversations we have I think should be documented. These are my college days, my college experiences, as told by a group of 10 friends brought together by housing.

~ Future ASM/Author, Current Survivor of A Freezing College Town

"You're gonna be in my nightmares." The Beast
"Awww, you're gonna dream about me?" Loudmouth

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

Okay, so it's round three for me. My third attempt at blogging will hopefully be successful. As part of my New Year's Resolution to write more, I will try to blog at least once a week. No promises but I've decided that I need to start focusing a lot more on writing. So, here it goes.

I am a closeted romantic who has had her share of boy drama. A story I started writing is based on our 8-year relationship gone terribly wrong. I'm not sure if it is nearly as interesting as it is, or maybe was, to me. Anyway, it was a classic fairy tale story of boy meets girl and there is an instant idea in the girl's mind of their wedding day. I was stuck on this guy for years. He seemed to be too, so I wasn't as pathetic as I sound. Then, when I was 16, my dream came true. He finally worked up the courage to kiss me. Oh, it was bliss for that week we were together. Then he went back home. Did I mention he lived 1000 miles away from me? Anyway, we saw each other a few months later but by that time he got over it. So, ouch. Slowly, I got over it. Until he suddenly, temporarily, reappeared in my life recently. I finally was doing okay enough that I could stop thinking about him and then he decided to try and ruin all of it. Well, I didn't let him. Even if it hurt me in doing so. I'm finally learning to move on. It is time for a change in my life. Unfortunately, I have trouble letting go of things, so I figured writing it out would help me release the remaining thoughts of him from my mind.

On a completely separate note, I am trying to reading a book every two weeks this year (if it weren't for college, it would one a week, but I don't have that kind of time right now.) So the first book of 2016 is called Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan. No review until I'm finished but so far I'm hooked. I am intrigued by this kind of stuff, even if the writing isn't the greatest I've ever read. I only say that because of the typos and minor plot holes, but I'll wait until I'm done to really say anything.

I am hoping to expand my knowledge of the theatre which is why I, along with my book challenge, I am researching a new show a week. This week's show is Happiness. Book by John Weidman, Music by Scott Frankel, and Lyrics by Michael Korie, Happiness was is the story about "a dozen diverse New Yorkes on a stalled subway car, who had to recall and relive the happiest moment of their life before continuing on. After a while, we discover that the characters have all died, and this is their final assignment before moving on to what's next." It ran in 2009 from March to June. Original Stage Manager (as far as I found) was Rolt Smith.

Exciting things that happened this week. I'm trying to find at least 1 thing a day.
January 1st: I went to Harold's for New Years Day breakfast with two of my friends and one of my friend's family. It was delicious. After that, we went back to one of their houses and I didn't come in last for Mario Party 2 (yay).
January 2nd: I went to a pizza party with my old AP and all of the old/current minions. I also got to see my best friend and she gave me my holiday present, which was beautiful stuff she got me while in India. Yay!
January 3rd: After hanging out with my grandma for a while, I went to Barnes and Noble with her and my sister and got some good stuff to start my 2016 reading challenge off right. I also started my first book.
January 4th: I went to the mall with my grandma and got some great stuff to go back to school with.
January 5th: I watched (parts of) four movie musicals (Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, The Producers, and Annie). I also started blogging again and read of my book.

Lastly: The word of the week is Cynosure, which means a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.

That's all for now. I'll write soon.