Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Night is Normally Movie Night

So I had a theatre thing tonight (what else is new), but that ended at around 7:30. While I was out the girls and Shakira went to Wal-Mart (thanks for the invite :/). They locked me out of the suite and I know they didn't mean it but my half-hour of relaxation before the conference turned into 10 minutes. I still got to drop my stuff off, which was good.
I came back and while I was talking to my grandma, it apparently was time for another episode of "Hair Care" in the suite. This time Mojo was getting her hair dyed. I just pray it goes better than the time they thought it was okay that Loudmouth cut Helios' hair. It got so bad so fast that he ended up just completely shaving his head like a week before the semester ended. It was ridiculous. Of course, even though I was sleeping during this event, I was the one to clean up the emotional mess (with help of Double Shalom). That is a story for another day.
So, when the hair dyeing is done we are going to watch Deadpool. I can't wait. Until then, Princess, Double Shalom and I are watching House of Cards (they are both trying to get me hooked). We'll see how it goes, but I already like it after watching just the opening scene pre-credits.

UPDATE: We did not watch Deadpool. House of Cards ended late and then Princess, Double Shalom, and The Beast went to what we call NOWL, or Night Owl, which is late night dining hall stuff. I was feeling kind of crappy and Helios wouldn't be able to come anyway, so we are postponing the movie for a day.
Instead, we just chatted. First, they argued about what movie to watch instead. Nobody came up with an answer, so the TV has been off for a while. Our conversations started with earwax (I couldn't tell you why except Double Shalom said Loudmouth's honey looked kind of like it). Then The Farmer came by. He was asked to read a movie bio because he reads them in a very funny way, but that didn't happen. Then we moved onto Korea briefly (Loudmouth's shirt was from Korea and only cost a dollar!). Everybody talked about their days. At this point, Mojo was halfway done with blowdrying her hair. It literally took her 10 years to do her hair. Then The Beast threw Oreos at all of us so she didn't have to get up and pass us the container. Is that the right word, container? Is it box? Plastic? This was another conversation that we had than never really came to a conclusion. We talked about Pi and other memorized numbers. At some point there was singing of "YMCA". We talked about the pop culture Glenn's of the world (think Mean Girls and Family Guy). We conversation hop a lot.
So, real exciting stuff, right?
Soon after the singing, I noticed it was 11:00. If I wasn't sick, it wouldn't have been so late for me, but I also had to get up at 8:00 in the morning, so I went to sleep.
Depending on the day, our conversations can be really deep or really meaningless. Today happened to be the latter. Didn't give me much to blog about, but I'm exhausted anyway, so I can finish up and sleep.

~ Future ASM/Author, Current Survivor of A Freezing College Town

"What's your social security number?" Double Shalom
"I think there's a 2 in it." The Farmer

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