Sunday, April 10, 2016

Truffle Time

Tangled was playing when I came back from the theatre conference. I had to go meet with someone for class though, so I wasn't able to watch more than when Flynn and Rappel survive after almost drowning. My favorite part about that was the fact that it was Shakira's copy. He wasn't around too much today though,  at least when I was around. He may have gone with the crew when they went to Chipotle, but, like I said, I wasn't around to know.
When I got back the MTV Movie Awards were on. Ryan Reynolds won for best comedic performance and Amy Poehler won for best virtual performance. Kevin Hart and The Rock did some really weird, unnecessary rap that was way to focused on Leo's dealings with the bear in The Revenant. After that, we put another movie on. What else do we do?
The main event of tonight was Oreo truffle making. I bought the ingredients when I went to Wal-Mart this past Tuesday and finally got around to making them at 9:00 Sunday night. In my defense, the theatre conference this weekend took up so much of my time and I still needed to do homework too (which I still need to finish :/). I had my own little team of sous chefs. Loudmouth took her anger out from her phone game on crushing the Oreos. Double Shalom helped melt the chocolate and Princess helped with basically everything. During our little baking session we were watching John Tucker Must Die. It was the first time I had ever seen the movie the whole way through. When I was little, I wasn't allowed. And then I never got around to it.
So I put the truffles in the freezer at 10:07 and just about ever other minute after that Double Shalom, and to a lesser extent Princess, kept asking if they were ready or if we could take them out early. We ended up taking them out after only about 40 minutes, but they were still pretty good in everybody's opinion.
The conversations ranged as usual. We talked about vitamins (since I'm on a health kick) and what the next treat we are going to make is... in reverse order. It was a pretty quiet, chill night. Nothing too crazy. Of course, when I decide to start blogging about everyone, they have the quietest weekend in a long time.
I think I blame Helios for my doing this, so he better give me some good material soon. I didn't even see him today. To be clear, he didn't tell me to blog. He chose a movie for movie night. The movie happened to be Julie and Julia. If you haven't seen it, go with it. Long story short, Julie wants to be a writer and was supposed to be before life got in the way. So she starts blogging, becomes super successful, and finally becomes a writer like she wanted to/was supposed to be. Not that I expect to become super successful with this blog, even though I would totally love to, but it got my gears turning again. So here I am.
Note: I mean it when I say freezing college town. It is April and snowing outside.

~ Future Stage Manager/Author, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town

After leaving for the night, on one of his roommates:
"______'s gonna be in the bathroom for about 3 hours. Can I use yours?" - Princess

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