Thursday, April 7, 2016

College's Favorite Freshman

I need something to write about. I'm in a rut, what else is new. I know nobody reads this, but whenever I do actually write a post, it helps me. I need to write, even something like this blog about nothing, just to remind myself that I am writer. Or I was and want to be. I don't know what I would do if I didn't write. It is the one thing I always had.
So, I'll keep giving this thing a go until it works.
So, let's talk about the people I surround myself with now. I have what I call "Suite and Co.", though I never actually use that name. I have my suite, 6 interesting ladies, and 4 guys from across the hall.
I have my roommate, Princess Jew (not to confuse her with me, Disney Princess Jew). The rest of the girls in the suite are Señorita TV (the sophomore transfer), Rice Queen and Miss Anime (roommates), Lady Fury. Then we have the boys. There is Pretty (Smart) Boy, Mr. Hotshot, Master Hips, and Teddy Bear.
DISCLAIMER: Most of these nicknames suck, but I don't want to use their actual names, so, this is what I will use when documenting our story.
DISCLAIMER: I asked the suite to give each other nicknames. This is what came of it. Princess Jew is Double Shalom, Señorita TV is Nickel, Rice Queen is Loudmouth, Miss Anime is The Jet, Lady Fury is Mojo, Pretty (Smart) Boy is Princess, Mr. Hotshot is Helios, Master Hips is Shakira, and Teddy Bear is The Farmer. Apparently, I'm Bagel. So I will use either of the nicknames to document our story. Because I think I am the only one reading this, it won't be a problem for me.
So, this is my crew. We do movie night all the time. We get dinner a lot. We celebrate stuff like birthdays. When I'm working on my shows, the guys are there more than I am. They basically live in my suite. The ten of us are always in the common room doing one thing or another. I think I shall write about them. Maybe not every day, but at least once a week.
We may not be the most exciting people, but we are very interesting. Some spend far too much on Netflix while others live in their books. But our relationships to each other and the conversations we have I think should be documented. These are my college days, my college experiences, as told by a group of 10 friends brought together by housing.

~ Future ASM/Author, Current Survivor of A Freezing College Town

"You're gonna be in my nightmares." The Beast
"Awww, you're gonna dream about me?" Loudmouth

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