Monday, April 18, 2016

Dinner and Papers

Everybody wen to dinner sans Shakira (he doesn't like fish) I also don't like fish, so I had pizza
I got a table for everyone and then after waiting for what seems like forever I saw everyone at another table (thanks guys :/)
Weird conversations at dinner - a bit perverted - snaps to Australia - chocolate chip cookies from dining hall were "discovered' by some of the people
Jeopardy - becoming a normal thing
Lot of papers
Was supposed to watch movie - didn't happen
Loudmouth fell asleep on the floor - still is
NOWL - Double Shalom, The Beast, and Mojo - grilled cheese bar, Double Shalom was acting drunk unintentionally , no ice cream for The Beast bc person The Jet glued to computer, me working my butt off on work
The Beast caught up on tv (Bates Motel)
A moment of future reality appeared in common room - Loudmouth asleep on floor, Mojo in man pajama on phone texting, Double Shalom on computer half-assing work with double chin, The Beast with hair towel in corner on tablet, The Jet glued to computer probably watching Anime
We did homework??? - that should be noted
Tan Line!!!! - your friend is really pretty - Princess was almost flashed by Double Shalom's friend via FaceTime

I only snore in weird positions. No, you snore every night - The Jet on Loudmouth
"Gladys" - Coach (New Girl) Repeated by Double Shalom and me
"Answer Bitch" - Double Shalom when her friend didn't pick up when she called for her birthday

"I was worried about my essay for a good month, and the night before it's due I don't even care." - Double Shalom

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