Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday to The Beast
NOWL went on for like 20 years and we waited to have cake - trap a man
Talked about TWD a lot
Everyone was here (including Girl from the floor who will now be called Ashes)
Princess disappeared
The Farmer and Helios left when I got in the shower
Shakira helped Double Shalom study for Hebrew
Shakira was almost arrested, but he didn't do anything wrong (he just happened to be on property he wasn't supposed to be on)
Double Shalom (with help from Princess and The Jet) made a cake
The plague begins, but I'm all done so I don't have to worry

What's a 3-word word for-
Frito, Dorito, Cheeto, - why does your name rhyme with junk food?
Both from Double Shalom

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