Monday, April 11, 2016

All Together

Today, a weird occurrence happened. We were all home, during the day, at the same time. And we were all sitting in the common room. We were watching the news for a while before we all split up, going to class and whatnot.
The most exciting part of the morning was getting Loudmouth to do what she needed, kind of. It is just before 10:00 in the morning the we got a very firm, loud knock on the door. I thought it was the woman who comes to clean the bathrooms, since she comes on Mondays. As the lock continues, The Beast (who was sleeping on the couch) wakes up and  Double Shalom leaps up and almost tears the wall out trying to unplug the hot water and toaster (2 things we aren't allowed to have). Seeing her the way she was, when I got to the door, I didn't open it. The Beast helped her and she took everything into the bathroom with her and turned the shower on. When I opened the door, I saw it was the RD and was suddenly so thankful that Double Shalom recognized the knock.
So the RD was looking for Loudmouth, who happened to be asleep, no surprise.
"Could you just wake her and ask her to come by my office for a few minutes."
After the RD left, The Beast, Double Shalom, and I freaked out for a moment and then went to war up Loudmouth. We woke up The Jet in the process and told them the story of how Double Shalom tore a hole in the wall.
The real exciting part wasn't the surprise visit from the RD, but successfully convincing Loudmouth to actually go to meet the RD, which she was dead set against. Of course, she didn't go to class after that, but it was a start.
It was a pretty quiet night. We watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Dancing with the Stars (Disney Night). There group rotated. Princess stopped by for a second. The Farmer and Helios came by at 10 to watch Better Call Saul, but Helios disappeared before the episode ended. I was doing a ton of laundry, so I was in and out a lot that night trying to navigate the jungle that is the laundry room. I also disappeared for an hour to watch Bates Motel at 9.
Our RA and another girl from another room on the floor came by for a while too. The RA left a little before 11 and Helios came back a little after 11.
There was nothing very exciting about tonight. Mojo and Loudmouth had a paper to write for their Russian Lit class and Double Shalom was working on her draft for another class.
There was a lot of Tangled singing, just Mother Knows Best and the reprise.
We talked about how "global warming" might affect Princess and his "Australia". Australia is a girl that is in my creative writing class and Princess' astronomy class. She is super hooked on him and we think he is hooked on her, but he won't ask her out or anything.
The tv was the center of the room tonight. Nothing special happened, but that is us. College, for us anyway, isn't one raging party or all-nighter after another. We do have normal days. This one happened to be another one of those.

~ Future Stage Manager/Author, Current Survivor of a Freezing College Town

"Does anybody have a plastic itchy boob? KNIFE." - Double Shalom
"Nope, fresh out of that, man." - The Beast

" Watch out. I don't want to hit you in the crotch potato." - Double Shalom (also to The Beast)

"You made me write Besat, not The Beast!" - Me on Double Shalom trying to see what I was typing

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