Sunday, January 27, 2013

Page 7: Strikes and Spares

So, it has been forever since I've blogged and a lot has gone on.
My family is a family of bowlers, kind of. My grandma on both my mom and dad's side were bowlers, my aunt is a bowler, and my parents bowl. So, my sister and I were forced into bowling about two years ago. I used to be absolutely horrible.
But lately, I've been getting a lot better.
In the past three weeks, I've been in 2 tournaments. I also have one today. My first tournament of the year (three weeks ago) my team placed first.
Two weeks ago I bowled in a doubles tournament with my little sister and we placed fifth. I wasn't happy with it, but my sister was having an off day. We missed fourth place by only ONE pin and first place by 31 pins.
Today, I'm bowling in a singles tournament.
Besides bowling in tournaments, I also bowl on a league on saturday mornings. I did the league last year, but I hated my team.
This year my team is a lot better. There is one other girl, and three guys. One of them goes to my school even.
The other girl and the guy that goes to my school have a bunch of friends that bowl in the league. Their friends don't really like me because I take the two from my team 'away form them.' I don't care though, I like my team and that's all I need to get though Saturday morning.
The other two guys on my team don't really talk to other people on the league. One of them has a little sister who bowls on my sister's team.
I used to hate bowling because I was really bad at it, but now, I'm actually not terrible. I was even accepted into a fancy tournament thing in a few months. (Some you enter, some you need to be accepted into) My high is a 189 and my average has gone up about 15 pins since the beginning of my league this year (September I think it started).
This is me with a lot of things actually. I hate something if I can't do it.
But, I'm kind of glad I was forced to continue. I mean I was horrible in the beginning, but now, I dominate when I go bowling with my friends and I can at least hold my own when I'm bowling on my league, in tournaments, or just with other bowlers.
(I found both of the following quotes necessary for this post. There aren't many good bowling quotes.)
"Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your head." - Martin Mull
"Well, my hand never fell off, and within no time, I was bowling competitively in leagues and tournaments." - Joe Tex

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